Wedding Policy

Wedding Policy

Marriage is one of the God’s greatest blessings and we praise Him for this incredible gift. Southwest Christian Church would love to be a part of your wedding story.

We are excited that you are considering Southwest Christian Church as the venue for your ceremony. We look forward to the celebration of the Lord’s goodness and majesty expressed in your union as man and woman (Genesis 2:21-24).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get married at Southwest Christian Church?

Weddings will be performed when either the bride or the groom are members or regular attenders in good standing at Southwest Christian Church and with the approval of the Elders.

Are there any requirements before we get married?

Yes. Southwest Christian Church requires couples to participate in premarital counseling offered by the pastor. Couples will be required to attend four premarital counseling sessions in order to discuss their readiness for marriage.

When should we book our wedding?

We advise every couple to enter our marriage preparation process as soon as they are thinking seriously of being married or well before their preferred wedding date. Six months to one year advanced notice is highly recommended.

Will anyone help us coordinate our wedding?

Yes. To ensure a smooth rehearsal and wedding, Southwest Christian Church requires and provides a wedding coordinator. Our coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the wedding rehearsal and directing the wedding. She will meet with the bride and groom to discuss the details of the wedding in order to make sure they align with our campus policies. The couple may be creative in their ceremony, keeping in mind that a wedding is a worship ceremony and all aspects of the ceremony should be planned in conjunction with the pastor and coordinator.

Who will officiate our ceremony?

All who are ordained, licensed, commissioned or otherwise authorized by this church to solemnize marriages may do so. Please note that only pastors and Elders of Southwest Christian Church can perform weddings on the Southwest Christian Church property, unless there is a prior agreement with the elders. Any outside pastor who is to be involved in a wedding ceremony must be in agreement with the Southwest Christian Church wedding policy and have permission from the elders.

Are there any costs?

There is a $500 fee for weddings at the church. The fee includes usage of the building, and supply of a sound technician. This fee is negotiable with approval from the Elders.

Southwest Christian Church Policy on Homosexuality

Southwest Christian Church only acknowledges and officiates marriages between one man and one woman as prescribed by the Bible. Marriage symbolizes the role of Christ and His Bride the church. These roles are described in detail within Ephesians 5:22-33, and are to be fulfilled by one man and one woman. The role of husband is fulfilled by one man, and the role of wife is fulfilled by one woman. Southwest Christian Church does not acknowledge a marriage that is homosexual (i.e. two males or two females).